LAB tokyo

Life Architect Bureau

We founded LAB tokyo after years of working in design, education and the service industry and all the while living in numerous locations and travelling extensively.

Throughout this time, one thing has remained constant - the need for clear and meaningful communication, almost always in English.

We have come to believe that meaningful communication with others is at the heart of all self-improvement; by meaningful we mean relevant, worthwhile and valuable.

Ultimately, what is most important to LAB is creating positive, uplifting outcomes from learning experiences.

At LAB our objective for every interaction, be it a lesson, a course or a project is meaningful interaction and a positive outcomes.    

LAB Strategies、このシリーズの目的はあなたの学習や自己啓発に対する考え方に疑問を呈すること。LABtokyoで実際に提供されているクリエイティブなアプローチを垣間見ていただくこと。

LAB strategiesは随時更新されます。

LAB strategies are a series of curated works that illustrate and support our approach to helping you develop.

Their purpose is to challenge the way you think about learning and self-improvement whilst at the same time explain a little about the what we at LAB tokyo believe.

LAB strategies are augmented regularly.