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We founded LAB tokyo after years of working in design, education and the service industry and all the while living in numerous locations and travelling extensively.

Throughout this time, one thing has remained constant - the need for clear and meaningful communication, almost always in English.

We have come to believe that meaningful communication with others is at the heart of all self-improvement; by meaningful we mean relevant, worthwhile and valuable.

Ultimately, what is most important to LAB is creating positive, uplifting outcomes from learning experiences.

At LAB our objective for every interaction, be it a lesson, a course or a project is meaningful interaction and a positive outcomes.    


‘Unlike other schools were you work progressively through a text book, often studying material and content which is of little interest or practical use to you; all LAB courses utilise our Prioritised Learning approach. This means we analyse exactly what aspects of English Language or Communication Skills you need to learn the most and these become the main focus of your course.’ 


LAB Custom Course   



The LAB Custom Course is a bespoke course, created and written after Needs Analysis and based entirely on the participant’s learning objectives and agreed study outcomes. LAB CC will have agreed critical learning milestones where the participant’s progress will be both measurable and demonstrable. The LAB CC is particularly suitable for private one to one study.

At the heart of LAB tokyo's Custom Course are Task Based Learning and Curated Content. Applying Task Based Learning and Curated Content methodology to language and skills training ensures that each course is unique in both its contents and relevance to the learner's needs. Learn more about Task Based Learning here 




LAB Custom Courses are completely flexible and modular in approach and can be designed to include one or more of the following topics:

English Language Training
Business English Training
English for Presentations
English for Meetings and Negotiations
English for International Project Management
English for Hospitality
Academic, Technical or Business Writing
Proposal and Report Writing

or any other training / development course we can design for you.


LAB CC typical Learning Program


Fee subject to consultation 料金応相談



LAB Book Course                                                                                                                                             




The LAB Book Course is based on an agreed learning text. The text will come from a variety of English Language texts readily available in Japan and will be appropriate for the participant’s English Language skill level and learning objectives and agreed outcomes.

Occasionally, where necessary there will be some degree of customisation of the course and augmentation of learning materials to suit the participant’s needs and progress. The LAB BC is suited to both private one to one or group study. 


LAB CC & BC typical Needs Analysis and Target Program - initial Needs Analysis

LAB CC & BC typical Needs Analysis and Target Program - program completion



Fee subject to consultation 料金応相談



LAB Other Business 



As a Life, Learning, Language driven organisation we know we have much more to offer than just Language and Skills Training. With many years experience of the creative, commercial and service industries throughout Europe and Asia through LAB Other Business we can provide copy writing, presentation design and production, assistance with international pitching, negotiation or we will be happy to discuss any other ways you may feel we can help. We are highly ethical in our approach to work.

If there is something you feel we can help with, please do not hesitate to ask us. If we can help we would love to; if we feel we can’t help, we will politely decline.



Fee subject to consultation and based on the scope of work 料金応相談