LAB tokyo

Life Architect Bureau

We founded LAB tokyo after years of working in design, education and the service industry and all the while living in numerous locations and travelling extensively.

Throughout this time, one thing has remained constant - the need for clear and meaningful communication, almost always in English.

We have come to believe that meaningful communication with others is at the heart of all self-improvement; by meaningful we mean relevant, worthwhile and valuable.

Ultimately, what is most important to LAB is creating positive, uplifting outcomes from learning experiences.

At LAB our objective for every interaction, be it a lesson, a course or a project is meaningful interaction and a positive outcomes.    


'The LAB customised approach cuts out redundant aspects of study by going straight to the heart of what you need to know and provides you with the confidence and skills to use that knowledge.'








At LAB tokyo we are passionate about helping people develop and we reject the ‘one size fits all’ approach that is so commonly applied to Language and Skills training.

We believe the key to personal and professional development lies not with the repetitive study of grammar rules or repackaged generic texts or a country-wide network of schools but with a small and dedicated team of professionals who possess a deep understanding of our clients' learning needs and a clear focus on customisation, personalisation and achieving learning objectives.

We are small because being small allows us to be close to our clients, close to our service and most importantly, close to what we love doing — helping people develop.

With over 30 years experience of education and training combined with professional backgrounds in the design, architectural, consulting and service industries gained whilst being located in 7 different countries LAB tokyo brings a truly global perspective to personal and professional development.

We firmly believe the future of Language and Skills training is in creating meaningful experiences based entirely on the learner’s needs; a customised approach based on agreed objectives and outcomes arrived at through a deep personal engagement to establish exactly how the learner needs to use Language and Skills and exactly what elements of Language and Skills the learner will find most useful.

We utilise theory from The Science of Memory, especially 'context-dependent memory' and employ principles of Accelerated Learning to apply our unique learning methodology.
This methodology provides a platform that all our courses are designed from and ensures that our materials satisfy our E3 requirement; which is that all courses and materials be:
Effective, Efficient and Engaging.

The LAB customised approach cuts out redundant aspects of study by going straight to the heart of what you need to know and provides you with the confidence and skills to use that knowledge.