LAB tokyo

Life Architect Bureau

We founded LAB tokyo after years of working in design, education and the service industry and all the while living in numerous locations and travelling extensively.

Throughout this time, one thing has remained constant - the need for clear and meaningful communication, almost always in English.

We have come to believe that meaningful communication with others is at the heart of all self-improvement; by meaningful we mean relevant, worthwhile and valuable.

Ultimately, what is most important to LAB is creating positive, uplifting outcomes from learning experiences.

At LAB our objective for every interaction, be it a lesson, a course or a project is meaningful interaction and a positive outcomes.    

'Curated Content' and 'Task Based Learning'

LAB ではキュレーティドコンテンツ*タスクベース学習** を用いてコースをデザインします。あなたが日々必要とするコミュニケーション能力を伸ばす為のあなただけのコースです。








At LAB tokyo we utilise Curated Content* and Task Based Learning** to design a course, specifically for you, by developing the communication skills you need to use today.

We do not encourage moving progressively through a text book, which inevitably will be based on delivering grammar principles and vocabulary which have little or no immediate relevance to your work or life.

Rather, we work together with you to make sure that Curated Content forms the basis of your course and that language and skills are regularly practised though learning tasks that are the same as activities you regularly undertake when working or involved in your interests.

Curated Content and Task Based Learning are always relevant to your work or interests and the language skills you really need will be the basis of your learning.

This way the skills that you learn and practise at LAB tokyo will be relevant to your work and lifestyle; making learning meaningful, enjoyable and efficient, and ensuring that your new skills easily embedded.

Most importantly you are not spending your valuable time and motivation learning language and skills that you may never use.

It sounds simple, because it is simple.





*Curated Content 

Content that forms the basis of the learning programme and which is selected specifically because it is relevant to your work, interests or objectives. 

For example, for architects, all the content we use will relate directly to Architecture, Design, Planning, Construction, Urbanisation, Building Ecology, or whatever else you require.







**Task Based Learning 

The physical tasks we undertake as part of the learning programme, which utilise Curated Content and encourage you to practise the communication skills in tasks that you use everyday in your work. 

For example, for architects, tasks will be based on activities such as Discussion, Presentation, Negotiation, Reporting, including content such as Concept Development, Project Planning, Project Pitching, Proposal Pitching, Site Analysis, Environmental Impact Assessment, Sustainability, Massing Plans, Historic Preservation or whatever else you require.