Insight 2 : Don't let others set your agenda




Because the school’s agenda is to tie you into years of study and sell you as many books as possible.

Your agenda should be to have as much fun as possible whilst learning to communicate as effectively as possible.






I go to Kyoto next week

I will go to Kyoto next week

I am going to Kyoto next week

I am going to go to Kyoto next week


今度 ‘what are you doing next week?’(来週なにしてる?)と聞かれたら、上に書かれた4つのうちどれを使ってもいいので、恐れずに答えてみてください。あなたが自信を持って答えればどの答え方でも必ず伝わります。


In English study much of what you are taught and spend your valuable time learning and remembering is irrelevant; even native speakers don’t really care about it.

Selling ‘text books’ makes money (especially when sold in high volumes).

To write and provide a book you need content.

To create content you need detail. 

Detail, often unnecessary detail, is what you are sold and what you are made to learn.

The problem is you are learning the school’s agenda, which is detail,  because detail makes books and… schools want to sell more books.


Think about this:

I go to Kyoto next week

I will go to Kyoto next week

I am going to Kyoto next week

I am going to go to Kyoto next week

A text book and teacher may spend hours or more of your time explaining the subtle differences in meaning between the four tenses; however a native speaker doesn’t really care as the context of the conversation tells him or her the real meaning.

So, the next time you are asked ‘what are you doing next week?’ you can choose any one of the four structures above without fear there will be any serious misunderstanding.

Easy isn’t it? Unless you have books to sell. 


Hiroko Yanase