Strategy 2 : Simplify the Task — Organising your presentation


タスクをシンプル化する - プレゼンテーション整理術









Simplify the Task — Organising your presentation

We often make the mistake of trying to organise information, especially for presentations, on our computer screens and in our heads. Whilst software is convenient for recording and expressing information; it is not so useful for organising information.

When creating a presentation you need to see ‘the big picture’ at one glance. How it all fits together. Where and how it starts, where and how it ends and what comes in between. It is, after all, one story; not a collection of short stories.

To make your information easy to work with you need to make it physical. Physical things occupy space, so be prepared to use space where-ever you can. 

If you don’t have physical things to move around (because they are in your computer or your head), then make physical things (make them small) - you can easily make things with a printer, paper and scissors (see photo). 

If you don’t have space, then create space. You can create space by making the things you have to work with smaller - small enough to fit the available space, but most importantly small enough to see them all at once.

Once your information is physical and externalised you can use your hands. 

With your hands you can move things around. 

When you move the things around you can see changes in an instant. 

You can see what works and what doesn’t work.

You can see the story, holistically; the beginning, the end and where everything fits in-between.

Hiroko Yanase