Insight 3 : Reading and imagination — Teaching and imagination











『1000の異なるクライアントには1000の異なる本がある。』by LABtokyo


The great Russian film maker Andrei Tarkovsky once said 

‘A book read by a thousand different people is a thousand different books.’


Tarkovsky rightly acknowledged that the power of the human experience and imagination  brings a different and individual vision to each new reading of the same group of words, or book.


What resonates with us about Tarkovsky’s words is that at LAB we treat each client in the same way Tarkovsky’s readers treat their books.


We do not start with a text book and lead you through it; rather, by drawing deeply on our experience and imagination we personalise each course. 


Essentially, we start with your story and write the text according to what and how you need to learn.


Therefore, at LAB, we might say ‘a thousand different clients is a thousand different books.’


Hiroko Yanase