Reina Yoda - I.T. Specialist, Banking and Finance

Reina Yoda - I.T. Specialist, Banking and Finance

Working with one of Japan’s largest and most respected financial organizations Reina is responsible for the roll-out and maintenance of innovative I.T. programs across her organization’s Asian operations. 

As Reina is leading a number of I.T. teams though-out the region she not only has to demonstrate a high level of fluency in professional English but in addition must be able to present new business initiatives and conduct meetings in a persuasive and convincing manner.

Reina joined LAB tokyo in January 2017 with three clear objectives:

  1. To be able to present with confidence and clarity to an international audience, both in person and via video/tele conference.
  2. To be able to chair and facilitate meetings with international teams, both in person and via video/tele conference. 
  3. To be able to use professional English in the context of the Finance Industry to project a confident, clear and focused leadership style.

Given the imminent need to deliver an extremely important regional presentation, Reina’s course was designed in two parts:

  • The first stage was to get Reina ready for the presentation. This involved 5 intensive 1.5 hour sessions focused on building communicative confidence, presenting clearly and efficiently, establishing and keeping audience rapport, dealing with questions effectively and securing audience by-in for future initiatives.
  • The second stage is a series of 1 hour per week professional English sessions (on-going) covering all aspects of operational business English within the context of the international banking and finance industries.




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