Daisuke Yamada - Professional Photographer

Daisuke Yamada - Professional Photographer                                      

Daisuke Yamada, is an in-demand commercial photographer based in Tokyo, specializing in celebrity portraiture and travel/location photography.

Daisuke’s high demand as a portrait photographer means working with major Japanese media clients such as NHK, Figaro and Men’s Club; where he is often required to photograph international celebrities such as fashion and style legend Sir Paul Smith and Argentinian entrepreneur, designer/artist and philanthropist, Julien F Bedel.

Daisuke relies heavily on English, not only to instruct and direct in the studio and on location, but most importantly to get closer to his photographic subjects and to build the essential understanding a photographer needs to capture the ‘essence of personality’ in a portrait.

In addition to Daisuke’s need for professional English for portrait photography, the demands of travel photography in locations across the globe mean that Daisuke has to be able to communicate efficiently and effectively, with people from a wide variety of cultures. To obtain the best possible results from his international assignments Daisuke has to be both understood and able to understand, clearly in English.

LAB tokyo have been working with Daisuke throughout 2017 and with a background in Fine Art Photography, design and extensive international travel LAB tokyo’s founder Nicholas Raistrick is thrilled to be designing and delivering an English Language Communication programme with a special focus on the demands of professional photography and international travel.


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