Tohru Genka, academic Author and University Lecturer


Tohru Genka - Academic Author and University Lecturer


Tohru is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and lecturer at Tokyo University and a visiting lecturer at Keio University, Chiba University and Nihon University College of Arts. He is a published expert in the field of The Philosophy of Aesthetics, Emotion and Perception especially in the context of sound and music.

He is currently finalising the English to Japanese translation of, internationally renown Professor of Philosophy and award winning author, Theodore Gracyk’s latest book on music and philosophy.

Tohru’s sessions with LAB tokyo take two distinct directions. One is to hone his spoken communication skills for lecturing, presenting and debating, in English, within the context of the historical and contemporary philosophical issues relating to his areas of expertise.

Secondly, we assist Tohru by editing academic papers and presentations and through coaching sessions designed to optimise both his performance and material content for important academic presentations and lectures to international audiences.

At LAB tokyo we pride ourselves on our responsive approach to our clients’ needs; always striving to customise material, courses and our methodology for optimal effect.

Despite the highly academic nature of Tohru’s area of specialism, working closely with him for the past eighteen months, whilst being highly challenging, has been incredibly fascinating and rewarding.

Exactly the kind of project that makes us realise what we do and the way in which we do it is so worth-while.

Hiroko Yanase