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LABtokyo Specialist

The Specialist Course is designed for clients with clear communicative objectives, for example the need to present to international audiences, to speak at overseas conferences, to write academic papers for international journals…

With the Specialist Course we focus on developing the skills, experience and confidence in communication that is essential to engage with an international, specialist community at an elevated level of English.

All materials for the Specialist Course are written by LABtokyo and specifically personalised to suit each client's learning needs and objectives.

The Specialist Course is suited to both private one to one or groups of clients who share the same organisation, industry sector or profession and with a common communication goal.


LABtokyo Generalist

The key objective for this course is to promote clear and fluent communication, by helping the client build the confidence they need to engage with others, in English across a wide range of personal or professional situations.

The Generalist Course is based on an agreed learning text and/or personalised materials. The text will come from a variety of English Language texts readily available in Japan and which is selected to be appropriate for the participant’s English Language skill level and learning objectives. As with the Specialist Course, where necessary there will be some degree of customisation of the course and augmentation of learning materials to suit the participant’s needs and progress.

Whether the client prefers to use a text book or to have the course written for them, every LAB generalist course is always personalised to the client’s specific needs.

This course is suited to both private one to one or group study.


WHAT'S INCLUDED (all courses)

  • Trainer's transportation cost (Tokyo 23 wards)

  • Trainer's food & drinks cost (when applicable)

  • Material fee (except textbooks)

  • LAB joining fee (currently we don't charge a joining fee)


  • Client's transportation cost to the session venue

  • Session venue fee (if using co-working space)

  • Client's food & drink cost (when applicable)

  • Textbook cost (if required)

  • Hardware & Software



As our courses are either completely or partially customised to suit the client’s communication needs and objectives, a fee proposal is only produced after an initial consultation which includes a Needs Analysis and setting of agreed Communication Objectives.


Copywriting, Revision and Other Services

As communication specialists with a commitment to concise, clear, yet eloquent language, we are happy to provide copywriting, presentation design and production, assistance with international pitching, copy-revision etc, alternatively, we will be happy to discuss any other ways you may feel we can help. 

We are highly ethical in our approach to work. If there is something you feel we can help with, please do not hesitate to ask us. If we can help we would love to; if we feel we can’t help, we will politely decline.

Fee subject to brief and scope of work.


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